Paying Fines

MHPL no longer charges a daily late fine on materials, however, you may pay in the library for any overdue fines from any shared system TLN library with either cash or a personal check with valid MI driver license or MI State ID. We can only accept payment for lost and damaged materials that belong to Madison Heights Public Library.

Other Library Fines

Fines for lost or damaged material that belongs to a library other than Madison Heights must be paid to the owning library.

Payment Requirements

  • The Madison Heights Public Library cannot accept Canadian bills or coins.
  • We cannot accept large denomination U.S bills. A $50 bill will only be accepted it the change required is less than $20.00 since we do not the means to make change for it.
  • The library cannot accept credit or debit cards, however you can pay in your online account - see below.

Online Payments

A single fine of $5.00 dollars or larger or individual fines (up to 10) where the combined total is at least $5.00 can be paid via a credit card, a debit card, or a PayPal account by clicking on the My Account tab in the Library catalog