1930s Timeline


Hilla B. Willard becomes the second woman ever elected to an office in Royal Oak Township when she is elected justice of the peace.

Fall 1937

Tent city residents will have to continue to reside in the tents throughout the winter, the Oakland County Welfare Committee decides at a meeting at the Bloomfield Hills Fox and Hounds Restaurant.


The Lamphere School District refuses to accept students from a tent city where welfare recipients live on 13 Mile Road across the street from Lamphere School. Lamphere administrators tell state officials education is needed for the children, but add that most of the tent city residents come from other communities and no one has offered funds to pay for their education. Lamphere administrators say they have no room, no additional teachers and no money to provide for educating the tent city children.


George Pappas opens Sloppy Joe's Tavern; later it becomes Anthony's Castaways.


The Green Lantern restaurant opens at 12 Mile and John R.


Eugene Bucco opens the Wayside Bar.


Open air pavilion opens for dances on John R north of 11 Mile.


The Great Depression hits the area hard. A tent city of homeless families springs up and a soup kitchen opens around Blanche Villa School.


A 5 and 10 cent store is opened by a Mr. Schumacher at the corner of John R and 11 Mile.


Ponchartrain Dog Kennel opens on Gardenia. Owner Glen Stain trains seeing-eye dogs and Dobermans.


Izzy Katz opens John R Lumber, the first lumber yard in the area.


Madison Heights Methodist Church founded.


Cozadd Market, formerly known as The Sugar Bowl on 11 Mile Road, sets up a screen and shows movies outdoors. The popular diversion is discontinued in 1941 due to wartime blackouts.