1910s Timeline


First bus line is established, going south to the Highland Park Ford plant. Line is owned by George Hallock.

Fall 1914

Greenwood School, which opened in the fall of 1913, is destroyed by fire; it's replaced by a similar one-room school named the White House which was later renamed as Kendall School.


A new school district is established, separate from Royal Oak district. The Madison School District is named for President James Madison. The first school in the district was Greenwood School, a one-room schoolhouse.

August 21, 1913

Residents meet at the home of Mrs. John Echert on the corner of John R and 11 Mile and agree on site plans to build Greenwood School, the first one-room school.


Pontiac Light Company is given permission to install gas mains. Installation began in 1914 and gas was available to some residents the following year.