Landlord Licensing

If you own an occupied home in the City which you do not live in, you are a landlord as defined by the Municipal Code and you are required to obtain a landlord license from the City even if you do not collect rent. If a qualified relative occupies the home, the City will waive the fees and inspection requirement. Pursuant to the Code, if you are a landlord and you fail to obtain a license, you are not entitled to collect rent or evict any tenant.


To apply for a landlord license you may download the application form (PDF) or stop at the Community Development Department in City Hall to pick up an application. If you are currently registered, please remember to inform Community Development and Assessing of any change in your address or ownership status. If you have any questions, please contact Landlord Licensing at 248-583-0831. The City can not become involved in landlord/tenant disputes however the State of Michigan provides a guide for landlords and tenants. Click here to download the guide.


Property owners should complete the application form and submit the completed form and the required fee to the Community Development Department. Upon receipt of the application by the Department, the property owner may schedule an inspection of the property for compliance with the Property Maintenance Code.

After any code violations are corrected and all license requirements are met a license is issued. (The first or initial) license may be for a period of less than three years and the fee will be prorated accordingly. All renewals of that license will be for a three year period. A new inspection is required at each renewal.

Four Year License Fees

Registration Fees
New Registrations and Renewals
Up to 4 family
5 or more units
$47.50 per unit

Additional Requirements

The application and fee must be received before the current expiration date. Renewals must be completed within 30 days after the renewal date. New applications must be completed within thirty (30) days of the application date.

It is the landlord's responsibility to renew the license prior to expiration of the current license. All current property taxes, current installments of special assessments, water bills, and any other City charges against the property must be paid in full prior to the license being issued.

Additional Information

For information and questions on landlord licensing, call 248-583-0831.