Contemplating a residential addition or remodeling project? If you are considering remodeling, adding on to your house, or building a garage, the property owner (or his agent, i.e. your builder) is required to obtain the necessary permits to do the work. As a qualified homeowner, living in the house, you may obtain the required permits if you do the work yourself, however anyone you hire to work on your project must be licensed by the State of Michigan and registered with the City.

The State of Michigan adopted the single state codes to protect the public health, safety and welfare and provide for uniform enforcement in every jurisdiction. In Madison Heights the building division enforces these codes. The process protects residents and business owners from the hazards of unsafe construction and helps them understand local laws and ordinances.


If a problem does develop prior to final approval of your project, the City staff will assist you by requiring the contractor to make the necessary corrections. In the unusual situation where a problem develops after final approval and an impasse is reached with the builder, the Department provides inspection reports to assist the property owner in filing a complaint with the State Bureau of Commercial Services.

Contractors & Subcontractors

The State of Michigan also requires all residential builders, and all electrical, plumbing, mechanical and sign specialist contractors to be licensed by the State. All contractors must register with the City prior to beginning work. The City verifies their licenses and insurance to make sure they are qualified.

Hiring a Contractor (PDF)


Once the permits are applied for, the City's staff of experienced, State registered, inspectors will start the process of assisting you.  Through their various reviews and inspections, the City will ensure that all work will be done according to current building codes and in a workmanlike manner.  This is a distinct advantage to you, the property owner, because you will be assured of receiving quality work and a safe final product.

By issuing permits, the City has the opportunity to inspect permitted construction ensuring that acceptable standards are met and appropriate materials and methods used. The City of Madison Heights appreciates the cooperation of its residents and businesses in insuring that the City remains a safe place to live and work.