Code Violation

In most cases, the person responsible for a code violation is given an opportunity to voluntarily comply with the law and correct the situation either by a verbal or written warning. Once the deadline in the warning has passed, the owner or person responsible is subject to one or more of the following remedies:

Administrative Hearing 

The responsible party is issued a hearing notice for an administrative hearing with the City Attorney, Deputy Community Development Director and Code Enforcement Officer. The purpose of the hearing is to discuss the issues and reach a resolution without court action.


As a last resort a citation is issued charging the responsible party with a criminal misdemeanor and requiring an appearance in District Court. The court may impose fines and/or jail time, or delay sentencing to permit resolution of the problem.


This remedy is used when the City needs to take action to abate a nuisance when the responsible party fails to respond. Typical examples include boarding vacant structures, mowing high grass and weeds, and cleaning up junk and debris. The cost for these services is billed to the property owner and becomes a lien on the property if not paid.