New Roof Coming Soon

The “new” Madison Heights Police Department building was constructed in 1991, at which time, the old PD was renovated into our 43rd District Court. After 28 years, the original 20-year roof is well out of warranty, and showing its age despite multiple repairs. Check out the slideshow for some of the recent and ongoing damage throughout the building.

The funding is approved, the documents are signed, and the delivery is scheduled for the Police Department to get a brand new 30 year roof starting next week. The building will be open to the public as normal, and minimal disruption is expected for our police officers and staff. DPS will be posting updates throughout this exciting new project as a 40,000 square foot flat roof takes shape to keep this building safe and dry.

The Madison Heights Police Department is proud of its community awareness and invites citizens to join with us in making Madison Heights a more pleasant, comfortable, and safe place to live, work and play.


The Madison Heights Police Department is committed to enhancing the quality of life and eliminating the fear of criminal activity within the community. We are a progressive organization devoted to maintaining citizen satisfaction and cooperation.

Transaction Safe Zone

The Madison Heights Police Department welcomes the public to use the police Department lobby or front parking lot as a "Transaction Safe Zone" - A place to meet potential buyers and sellers (Craigslist etc.), set up parent / child drop-offs / exchanges, etc. The Madison Heights Police Department is located at 280 West 13 Mile Road in Madison Heights (Behind City Hall).
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