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Request for Mailing Address Change

  1. Your application may be hand-delivered or mailed to the City Assessor's Office at:
    300 W Thirteen Mile Road
    Madison Heights, Michigan 48071

    You may also fax your completed application to the Assessing Department at 248-837-2620. As a more convenient alternative, you may complete and submit our online application (below), which will be sent automatically to the Assessor's Office.

    The purpose of this form is to provide the Assessing Department with a change in mailing address for a parcel located in Madison Heights. If this change is for someone other than the property owner currently identified in City records, you must include a copy of your deed or land contract. You may attach a scanned image file or PDF version of your deed or land contract to this form. If this changes a residential mailing address to an address other than the property address, you must rescind your principal residence exemption if one is currently in effect.
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