Forestry Division

The Forestry Division is responsible for the planting, maintenance, trimming, assessment, removal, and general oversight of all trees planted on public rights-of-way, and municipal grounds and facilities. 

The Division coordinates planting and replacement projects, pruning and maintenance of trees, creation of a comprehensive tree inventory, and inspection and removal of unhealthy or hazardous trees.

Young Trees


Street Tree Planting Program

New for 2021 is the citywide Right-Of-Way (ROW) Street Tree Planting Program. This is an annual first-come, first-serve program to replace trees on the public ROW (the area between the sidewalk and curb) in front of your home. The number of trees planted annually is based on available funding; additional requests above and beyond this number will be added to a waitlist in the order received. Check out our FAQ and List of Recommended Trees as well as our low-growing ROW tree list to avoid future conflict with the overhead wires. To sign up for this exciting new program, please fill out a ROW Tree Planting Program Form, or visit the DPS office at 801 Ajax Drive (Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:30, closed 11:30-12:30 for lunch). Trees provide a great deal of benefit to the neighborhood, and we are happy to offer this program to our residents!

Tree Assessment and Removal

It is the long-standing practice of the City of Madison Heights not to remove healthy trees. A ROW tree will only be considered for removal if it is showing signs of decline and presenting a hazard. Trees may also be removed preemptively when it is determined that an upcoming public construction project will cause irreversible damage to the root system of a tree, causing it to decline.

If you believe your tree is in decline, and would like to request an inspection, click here or call DPS at (248) 589-2294.

Tree Trimming

DPS, through a combined effort of City staff and contractors, performs ROW tree trimming on an ongoing basis (link to map). Each section is trimmed approximately every 10 years. Tree trimming is conducted in the winter when the trees are dormant, to protect the health of the tree. If you believe your tree needs trimming, click here or call DPS at (248) 589-2294. 

If you notice a hazardous limb that is broken and hanging, call DPS at (248) 589-2294 during normal business hours. After hours, call the Police Department non-emergency line at (248) 585-2100, and on-call personnel will be contacted.

Storm Damage/Chipping

Strong storms can bring down tree limbs. DPS routinely patrols the City after a heavy storm to clean up broken limbs placed between the sidewalk and the curb. Simply place any downed limbs in the ROW, and DPS will be by to chip them, no need to call. 

Did you know that DPS offers a brush chipping service? Check out the Brush and Wood Chips Page for more information.