Animal License

Dogs & Cats

All dogs and cats, six (6) months of age or older, must be licensed and have a current Rabies Vaccination Certificate. Licenses may be purchased at the City Clerk's Office. Residents must provide a valid rabies vaccination certificate signed by the veterinarian to obtain a license.

Dog and Cat Licenses Application Form (PDF)
White Puppies


Rabies Vaccination  must be valid for:     
         License Length               
 License Fee:
Spayed/Neutered Fee:
6 months
 1 year license
24 months
 2 year license
36 months
 3 year license

Domestic Hen Licensing

Ordinance No. 2152, effective May 7, 2020, provides that a single-family residence shall be allowed to keep up to 6 domesticated hens.  Roosters or male chickens are prohibited.  An annual license, valid from January 1 to December 31 of each calendar year, is required.  Each hen licensed shall at all times have attached to the hen a City-issued leg band corresponding to the City issued license.  The fee is $20 per single-family residence.

Domestic Hen License Application