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Community Advisory Board


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    1. CAB Applicaion - Top of Page
    2. Starting January 2021, the Community Advisory Board will oversee the community funding awards generated from Community Outreach agreements for Holistic Industries and Alternative Rx. Funding is $25,000 per year, per company with an additional 1% of net profits once the businesses become operational.
    3. The Mission of this Board is to objectively make funding awards based on 1) available funding 2) the company’s original licensing application community outreach goals 3) the City’s strategic plan. Projects that generate the largest community benefit while aligning with both the company’s original licensing application and the City’s current year strategic plan will be given the highest priority for funding.
    4. As determined by the Community Outreach Agreements membership on the CAB is granted to the City of Madison Heights City Manager, Finance Director and two (2) City Residents. Resident members should check with their employer for any conflict of interest prior to volunteering to serve on the CAB Board for cannabis companies.
    5. Thank you for your interest in serving on the Community Advisory Boards. This application will be kept on file for ONE YEAR. All information in this application is public information and subject to disclosure in response to public records request made pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.