What services does my water and sewer bill cover?

Madison Heights purchases water and water treatment (sewage and stormwater). In addition, Madison Heights has internal water operations and handles capital projects such as water and sewer line replacements, water main break repairs, hydrant maintenance and overall maintenance of these distribution systems, ensuring the water delivered to your home or business is available when you need it and safely.

The breakdown of how the funds from your water and sewer bills is spent is as follows:

  • Water treatment — 41.9 percent
  • Water purchase — 21.04 percent
  • Infrastructure investment — 18.61 percent
  • Personnel — 8.35 percent
  • Administrative support — 5.34 percent
  • Contractual work — 2.59 percent
  • Materials — 1.25 percent

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7. What services does my water and sewer bill cover?