End Broken Windows Policing
  • End Broken Windows Policing – This style of policing advances the idea that tolerating minor physical and social disorder in a neighborhood encourages serious violent crime. Campaign Zero encourages police departments to decriminalize or de-prioritize enforcement of low-level offenses implementing community-based responses to these issues that are more effective and that do not risk exposing communities to police violence. This would include decriminalize or de-prioritize enforcement of items such as drug possession, public intoxication, loitering, jaywalking, disorderly conduct and prostitution.

The MHPD has not subscribed to the broken windows policing model for many years.  MHPD is devoted to Community Policing and getting to know our neighbors and citizens by being present in the neighborhoods and attending neighborhood functions when possible. In addition, the MHPD has strong relationships with local women’s shelters and community social service organizations.  The MHPD has continued programs in all the elementary schools that include reading programs, safety programs and walk-throughs to get to know the children and the teachers.  The MHPD is also a partner with the Madison Heights Community Coalition and the Community Round Table.  The MHPD Chief of Police is on the board of the Michigan Commission on Juvenile Justice and also on the board of the Federal Commission on Juvenile Justice.  Both of these boards strive to provide juveniles with structure and alternatives to the Juvenile Justice System.  The goal is to prevent juveniles from entering the Juvenile Justice System in the first place. 

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1. End Broken Windows Policing
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