What has Madison Heights done to reduce expenses?

Madison Heights has a very proactive financial forecasting process that allowed us to reduce costs before the effect of the recession hit our revenue stream. 200+ gap measures were implemented during this period (see list below). The majority of these reductions remain in place, with the exception of the restoration of the Police Special Investigations Unit and the trial period for Sunday hours at the Library (coming this September).

* Eliminated 47 full-time positions, in addition to the 31 full-time positions eliminated since 1997 across all departments in the City. 

* Labor Negotiations included furlough days, wages reductions, elimination and reduction of pension benefits, retiree health care, insurance benefits and leave time.

* Contracted out entire departments and services including: assessing department, information technology department, housing department, operation of the Nature Center, and reduction and contracting of city-wide mowing, building inspections, sidewalk replacement and inspection.  

* Reduced custodial services and most pest control, closed City offices at lunch,  and eliminated all full-time positions in the recreation department. 

* Postponed all vehicle and equipment replacement until significantly past service life. This has decreased reliability of critical pieces of equipment.

* Reduced library material and programing budgets. 

* Deferred park maintenance including trail rehabilitation and park equipment replacement. 

* Eliminated annual city-wide calendar and new resident packet and reduced the frequency of the city-wide newsletter.  

* Eliminated city funding of special events including coffee concerts, memorial day parade, and festival in the park. 

* Closed the Skate Park due to required maintenance. 

* Discontinued annual animal clinic

These are a few examples of the 200+ gap measures implemented City-wide to reduce expenses.


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