Madison Heights Police VIP

What is a VIP (Vulnerable Impaired Person)?  Michigan law, MCL 28.274(d), defines a VIP as follows: "An individual with special health care needs" means a single or married individual whose activity is or may become so restricted by disease or specified medical condition as to reduce the individual's normal capacity for education and self-support.”  

MHPD VIP registration is available, free of charge, to all Madison Heights VIP residents or VIPs attending a school or a care facility in Madison Heights. 

A parent/legal guardian/power of attorney will act on behalf of the VIP and submit a MHPD VIP Form located on the City of Madison Heights web site or available by email request at

The information supplied will be entered into our dispatch data to create a premise alert (flag the address). This may assist first responders when responding to a location or with re-uniting a VIP with family or guardians. 

 Dispatch will be able to search all VIP entries by address, name, or generically by searching all “VIP” dispatch entries. 

Download the Madison Heights Autism and Vulnerable Citizen Emergency Contact Form HERE

Please forward the form to or bring a completed copy to the Madison Heights Police Station along with a photo.

Michigan State Police VIP (Fingerprinting)

The Madison Heights Police Department is also partnered with the Michigan State Police VIP program and has the ability to enter VIP fingerprints in the State data system.   Law enforcement may use fingerprints to identify VIPs that may not be able to identify themselves when lost or missing.  The Michigan State Police charge a one-time Fee of $30 at the time of fingerprinting.  The $30 will be collected by the fingerprinting agency (MHPD) at the time fingerprints are submitted.  The Madison Heights Police Department does not charge any additional money for this service.

For more information regarding the Michigan State Police VIP program, click on the link below.

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Participation in both VIP programs is not required.  You can participate in either program independently from the other.

Any questions regarding the VIP program can be submitted by email at or by contacting Lieutenant  David Koehler.