Library Card

Madison Heights Residents

A library card, including full reciprocal privileges with other Library Network libraries, is available to those who reside in Madison Heights, or own property in Madison Heights. You need to prove residency or payment of property taxes in Madison Heights to get a library card.

Required Documents

Provide one:

  1. Michigan driver license or state ID that shows a Madison Heights address as your official residence.
  2. Picture ID and lease or rental agreement for an address in Madison Heights that has your name listed.
  3. Picture ID and an invoice from a natural gas, electric, or cable company for your address. This invoice must be in your name.
  4. Picture ID and a paid tax receipt in your name for a Madison Heights address.

apply for a library card

Other Options

Limited Use Library Card
A limited use library card is available for students in grades K through12 that attend school in Madison Heights but do not live in a TLN library community. This card is only for materials that are owned by the Madison Heights Public Library. Student cards expire at the end of the school year. This card also allows one hour of use on a public computer.

Business Card
A Business card is available for those that work in Madison Heights but do not live in a TLN community. This card is good for one year and is limited to Madison Heights materials. You must provide proof of employment at a Madison Heights address. A letter signed by the employer on company stationery will be accepted. This also allows one hour of use on the public computers

Troy Residents
A special agreement allows Troy resident with a Troy library card to check material out from the Madison Heights Public Library, though they do not have public computer privileges.

MILibraryCard Program
The Library does not participate in the MILibraryCard program. Non-residents may elect to pay an annual fee to borrow library materials.