Pick the Heights Clean!

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Pick the Heights Clean is a way to make a difference in Madison Heights by cleaning up public spaces. Register a team or go solo - you provide the effort, and we'll provide the supplies. 

Volunteer Instructions

1. Safety is Number 1 – yours and everyone else’s! Please do not walk or pick up trash on any road, curb or ditch. This program is intended to keep our City parks, sidewalks and private property (with owner permission) free of trash and debris. Do not pick up any trash in the roadway at any time!

2. Pick up only trash and debris that is not a risk to you or others. If you run across dead animals, sharps (needles etc.), containers with unidentified liquids / solids, or anything that you believe is unsafe or unsanitary LEAVE IT WHERE IT IS and contact the City at 248-583-0831 with the location and description. The City will contact the appropriate party to dispose of it.

3. Each group will be provided with a number of buckets, gloves and grabbers. Please use them to pick up trash. If you have more volunteers than buckets / grabbers – feel free to use your own. You may also contact the City to see if there are additional supplies available based on overall participation rates.

4. When your bucket is full, deposit the trash in a City trash container in the park or City facility where you are volunteering. If you are a business or resident group cleaning private property (only with owner permission) – deposit the trash in the dumpster or trash receptacle provided by that private property owner. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE BUCKETS OR BAGS OF TRASH OUTSIDE OF ANY RECEPTACLES OR ALONG ANY ROAD.

5. While the focus of this program is on City parks and facilities, businesses and residents may wish to participate by picking up trash on private property. You must get permission from the property owner(s) to do so, as well as to deposit trash in their dumpster or receptacle. The City will not coordinate approval or trash disposal for you.

6. This is a self-registration and self-guided program. There is no “required” participation schedule or frequency of pick up. As volunteers, you are asked to do as much as you wish to help keep our City litter free – The City appreciates all your effort!

7. If you and your group wish – you may self-report your efforts by clicking 3. Record Your Progress at the top of the page. This will help the City track how much trash is picked up as well as provide you with a fun way to see how your group stacks up to the other volunteers.

 8. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! Any Questions – Please call 248-583-0831