Arts Board


  • As needed
  • City Hall   300 W Thirteen Mile Road
         Madison Heights, MI 48071


Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Current Roster

Name Term Expires Position
Mark Bliss 11-13-23 Council Representative
Emily Rohrbach 11-13-23 Council Alternate
Michael Covert 08-31-26 Member-at-Large
Harley Mordarski 08-31-26 Member-at-large
Vita Palazzolo 08-31-24 Member-at-Large
Steven Dombrowski 08-31-24 Member-at-Large
Laurie Geralds 08-31-24 Member-at-Large
Jennifer Nagle 08-31-25 Member-at-Large
Ahnalee Basler 08-31-25 Member-at-Large
Jason Theodoroff 08-31-24 Alternate
Sue Popp 08-31-26 Alternate
Jillian McBride 08-31-24 Alternate
Dorothy Luetz 08-31-23 Lamphere Student
Vacant 08-31-23 Lamphere Student Alternate
Vacant 08-31-23 Madison Student
Vacant 08-31-23 Madison Student Alternate
Kiely Moore 08-31-23 Bishop Foley Student
Adam Owczarzak   Ex-Officio Member without Vote


To advise the City Council of the needs of the artistic and cultural community, actively encourage programs for the cultural enrichment of the community, including, but not limited to, exhibitions, displays, performances, events, instruction, and other projects.  Also, engage community members and local businesses to build a flourishing and vibrant art and cultural environment.

Creation / Authorization

Membership Information
10 citizen members, 1 Council Representative and 1 Council Alternate, 1 ex-officio member

3 years (members-at-large)

Qualifications and desired skills of board members
Members-at-large must be Madison Heights residents with an interest in supporting and promoting arts, culture and beautification projects through Madison Heights. Ideal candidates will have background and interest in public art exhibitions, performances and special events.  

City Clerk's Office at 248-583-0826

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