City Manager

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and is responsible to the City Council for the efficient administration of all departments.

Powers & Duties

The City Manager is responsible for the implementation of the policies and direction set by the City Council. The powers and duties granted to the City Manager include:
  • Directing and supervising all City Departments;
  • Enforcing municipal ordinances, charter provisions, and other laws and regulations;
  • Overseeing all personnel functions of the City;
  • Preparing annual operating budget;
  • Providing administrative support at all Council Meetings;
  • Reporting to Council on a continuing as well as ad hoc basis on the City's finances, operations, and future needs; and,
  • Supervising the purchasing activity of the City.
The City Manager also performs other administrative duties not limited in the Charter such as:
  • Assuring positive relationships with the public;
  • Coordinating public information;
  • Investigating and adopting new technologies; and,
  • Working with outside governmental and non-governmental agencies.