Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC)


  • 5:30 p.m.
  • Quarterly (months and day to be determined)
  • City Hall
    300 W Thirteen Mile Road
    Executive Conference Room
    Madison Heights, MI 48071

Current Roster

Name Term Expires Position
Mark Bliss 11-13-23 Council Representative
Sean Fleming 11-13-23 Council Alternate
Curtis Kogelman 02-28-25 Member-at-Large
Paul Timmins 02-28-26 Member-at-Large
Brian Davis 02-28-26 Member-at-Large
Scott Tuller 02-28-24 Member-at-Large
Dale Gardner 02-28-25 Member-at-Large
Vacant 02-28-25 Alternate
Robert Didur 02-28-25 Alternate
Melissa Marsh   City Manager
Cheryl Rottmann   Deputy City Manager
MIS Administrator   MIS Administrator
Department Heads   Ex-Officio Members without Vote


To serve as a forum for the sharing of ideas, trends, and perspectives in IT and their municipal applications and provide Council and staff with feedback on such issues.

Creation / Authorization

Membership Information


  • 9 Members and 6 Ex-Officio Members:
    • 5 members-at-large appointed by Council
      • 1 serving as Vice Chair
    • 1 Council Representative
    • 1 Council Alternate
    • City Manager
    • Deputy City Manager 
    • Information Technology Administrator (Chair)
    • Ex-Officio Non-Voting
      • Department of Public Services Director
      • Police Chief
      • Fire Chief
      • Community Development Director
      • Library Director
      • City Clerk

Qualifications and desired skill set

Members-at-Large must be Madison Heights residents with technical or working knowledge of information systems. This would include items such as networking, wireless networks, and telephone systems.

In pursuit of its objective to provide technical expertise and act as a liaison between the residents and staff, the Advisory Board shall:
  1. Serve as a forum for the sharing of ideas, trends, and perspectives in IT and their municipal applications;
  2. Offer Madison Heights citizens possessing knowledge and experience in relevant areas of IT the opportunity to provide Council and staff with feedback on such issues;
  3. Advise Council and staff on current and proposed IT-related projects, services, and methods of communication with the public;
  4. Provide vendor-neutral recommendations regarding IT solutions, where appropriate; and
  5. Advise Council and staff on departmental computer upgrades and replacements, use policies such as security and bring your own device to work policy (BYOD), telephone services, cellular telephone towers, and wireless technology including personal communication devices.
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