Police Service Aides (Dispatcher)

Police Service Aides (or PSAs) within the Madison Heights Police department are non-sworn, civilian employees who perform dispatching and other administrative functions.  

We currently have 8 PSAs and they provide 24-hour coverage in our communications center, which is located in our police department. 


Our PSAs answer emergency and non-emergency calls, dispatch police, fire, and medical units, and give vital information to units responding to calls for service. PSAs possess high communication skills and must be able to multi-task under stressful situations. 

PSAs will also assist officers by starting minor incident reports at the front desk, searching prisoners, and other tasks that help officers stay out on patrol. 


All PSAs must pass an in-house Communications Training and Evaluation Program before being allowed to work solo. Each PSA attends outside training on Law Enforcement Dispatch, Fire Service Dispatch, and Emergency Medical Dispatch. The program is split up into four phases, each spent with three different dispatchers. Those who excel in the program, or individuals with prior dispatching experience, can be accelerated through the program. 

PSAs play an essential role in the day-to-day operation of the police department. We are very fortunate to have highly trained and dedicated dispatchers that handle such an important aspect of police operations.