Study Rooms

  • Study Rooms are intended for quiet study and are not sound-proof. Quiet video conference calls are permitted - but please remember that others around you are seeking a quiet study area.
  • Time Limit - 2 hours
  • Study Room Policy

Reserve a Study Room

Reserve a study room up to 48 hours ahead of time - otherwise study rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. To request a reservation, schedule a visit in the myLIBRO app or at 

Reserve Study Room Now at

  1. For "Schedule type" select "In-Library Services"
  2. For "Service category" select "Study Room"
  3. For "Service type" select one of the available study rooms. Capacities are listed.
  4. Select your desired date and time.
  5. Enter your library card number, name, and a confirmation email.
  6. If you do not have a library card, enter "Guest" for library card number. Enter your name and a confirmation email.
  7. Select "Schedule" to reserve your study room.

*To reserve a study room for two hours, you will need to reserve two 1 hour time slots. Repeat the steps above.

Study Room 1 - Group

study room 1

The Group Study Room has room for 4 people and includes one table and four chairs. 

Study Room 2

study room 2Study Room 2 has room for two people and includes one study desk and two chairs.

Study Room 3study room 3

Study Room 3 has room for two people and includes one table and two chairs.