Recreation Division


Division Supervisor: Kirby Rochester
Phone: (248) 589-2294
Hotline: (248) 588-5555 

Statement of ServicesThe Recreation Department is responsible for conducting the City's leisure and recreational programs.  The Division provides instructional programs in such areas as dance, tennis, tai chi and art.  The "Festival in the Park" continues with great success.  Team sports such as basketball, softball and volleyball are also offered.  The Recreation staff is responsible for processing all registration, preparation and distribution of flyers, evaluation and selection of programs and instructional personnel, and coordination of volunteer coaches as well as scheduling reservations for meeting rooms, room rentals and ball field reservations.

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2017 Spring/Summer Recreation Brochure

Spring Summer 2017 cover



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Activity Registration Information

onlineregister3 ways to register for our programs! 
ONLINE REGISTRATION:  To register online for select classes and activities, view the offerings in the above PDF or browse to the registration website.

By using for online registrations, there is a convenience fee that covers the cost to fulfill your registration through Active. This NON-REFUNDABLE charge includes services like taking and maintaining your registration data on Active’s registration systems, providing customer service, and coordinating with the Madison Heights’ Recreation Department. It is applied to an entire order. The minimum charge per activity is $2.00.

creditcardsAll personal information collected on is stored in a secure operating environment that is not available to the public.

Online registration payment at

Please complete the PDF Registration Form (found on last page of brochure), make your check payable to City of Madison Heights and mail to:
Madison Heights Recreation Dept.
300 West Thirteen Mile Road
Madison Heights, MI 48071

The Recreation Department will contact you only if there is a problem with your registration or if you are placed in your second choice. 

IN-PERSON REGISTRATION: In-person registration will be accepted starting at 8:00 a.m.  All registration fees must be paid in full by cash or check at the time of registration.

FEES: No registration fees can be accepted at class locations or by instructors.  There will be a fee on all returned checks.

REFUNDS: All refunds must be requested before the start of the third class meeting.  If T-shirts, trophies or other expenses are incurred prior to patron requested refunds, a $5.00 service fee and a prorated fee will be withheld for each class.  Refunds take about two weeks to process.  No refunds will be issued for 1-day activities once the trip has left or an activity has begun.  If the department cancels an activity, a full refund will be given. The Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule any activity where there is insufficient registration or other causes beyond its control.  The convenience fee for registering online is-non-refundable.

NON-RESIDENT POLICY:   An additional fee of $4.00 will be assessed for each activity.  A $1.00 non-resident fee will be assessed for one-day activities.

FAMILY DISCOUNT POLICY: If you have children who are involved in the SAME recreation program, there will be a $5.00 discount for each child after the first two pay full price. No discount is available for programs that are contracted out with private companies or one day activities.  This discount is not available for online registration.

YOUTH SPORTS: All Youth Sports program participants will have a choice of going on a team roster OR going on a waiting list.  Participants can no longer do both!  Once a spot is made available after being contacted, you have three business days to make payment or your name will be removed from the wait list.

TRANSFER POLICY: There will be a $5.00 transfer fee (per person) for all transfers from one activity to another.  Transfers must be done in person at the Recreation Department.

Participants falsifying information will be dismissed from the program and no refund will be granted.

LATE T-SHIRT/SHORTS NOTICE: If you register your child late (when you pay an additional $5.00) for a sports program, there is no guarantee that your child’s uniform will be delivered on time with those who registered early. The Department will make every attempt to deliver them with the rest of the team but most likely your uniform will be an “add on” which will be late.

THANK YOU!  The City extends their appreciation to the Madison Schools and Lamphere Schools for the use of their facilities.

TO ERR IS HUMAN: We have tried to compile this information as accurately as possible.  With so much information to bring to you, we may have made an error.  Also, there may be situations which require adjustments made to the programs and/or facility fees, schedules, etc.  Thus, the Department reserves the right to make such adjustments should it be necessary to do so.  Therefore, we apologize in advance should you find an error or an adjustment when registering and hope you will not endure any inconvenience.  Please call any of the individual facilities or program phone numbers to confirm the information presented in the Department web pages.