City 60th Anniversary

On January 17, 1955, the residents of the east side of Royal Oak Township voted for the incorporation of the City of Madison Heights and elected nine commissioners to draft a charter for the new city. The Charter Commission drafted its first charter within six months of incorporation. The draft charter was presented to the citizens at a June 6 election and was defeated. Revised Charter was again presented to the citizens on December 6, 1955 and it was approved, becoming the tenth city government in South Oakland County.  At the time, the 7 ¼ square mile City was the second largest in Oakland County.  Madison Heights ranked as fifth highest populated City in South Oakland County. On April 5, 1963, a new municipal building was constructed which is on the present location at 300 West Thirteen Mile Road. The City lies in the I-696 and I-75 corridor and is served by two primary school districts, Lamphere and Madison, as well as a full-service municipal government.

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Join in and Share!

We are on a mission to collect as many as 60 acts of kindness performed here in the City, in honor of the City’s 60th Diamond Anniversary! Stories are the age-old way to share our experience. Did you see an act of kindness take place in Madison Heights? Were you the recipient of a kind act that happened in Madison Heights? Simply share your story with us on the City’s Facebook page by clicking here. We hope that your story will enlighten, inspire and move us into action!

                                                  Stories of Random Acts of Kindness

"Without knowing it, a City Hall employee had dropped his wallet outside City Hall. One of our custodial staff, Erika, found it and brought it back to the owner. A big thank you to Erika, who helps prove that the world is full of kind people!"

"A city employee was at McDonalds, and when she pulled up to the drive through window to pay for her order she was inform that a patron in front of her paid for her drink. In kindness she in turn paid for the order in the car behind her."

"At the Community Round Table, someone spoke of her friend, a disabled senior, who relies on the bus system to get everywhere (doctor, grocery, events). Her friend was shut in most of the winter because it was too dangerous to attempt to climb the icy bus stops. The friend had an important doctor's appointment she thought she would miss. The speaker offered to drive. On the day of the doctor's visit, the friend called to say that a miracle happened overnight and her bus stop was shoveled and salted."


In honor of the City's 60th Diamond Anniversary, City Council would like to recognize someone celebrating their 60th Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, or Business Anniversary in the City of Madison Heights. Click on the provided link here to be directed to the fillable form.