Assessing for the City of Madison Heights is contracted to:
Oakland County Equalization Division
250 Elizabeth Lake Road, Suite 1000W, Pontiac, MI 48341
Main Telephone:  248-858-0776    Toll-free: 888-350-0900
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Statement of Services: The City contracts with the Assessing Department at Oakland County for the appraisal of all real estate and personal property for property tax purposes on an annual basis. There are over 11,600 residential, commercial and industrial real estate property descriptions and 1,900 personal property accounts contained in the City's mass appraisal files.  The Department operates under the provisions of the General Property Tax Act of 1893, as amended, and also applicable local charter provisions.  In addition, the Department maintains and monitors the "homestead" status of all property throughout the City as well as tracking property transfers.

The Department is responsible for development of Special Assessment District rolls used to fund infrastructure improvements. The Department also defends all assessments before the Michigan Tax Tribunal and participates in economic development activities.

Understanding Proposal "A" In a Declining Market

Many residents ask "how can my assessment stay the same or increase when the housing market in Michigan is declining?" To answer these questions a presentation was made a past Council Meeting that can be viewed below. We have also made accessible the PowerPoint presentation, audio file, and the brochure. For more information please call the Assessing Department 248-583-0820.



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Understanding Proposal "A" in a Declining Market


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Principal Residence Exemption Information

To claim a residential home as your ‘principal residence’, you must occupy the home to be eligible for exemption from the school operating millage on your taxes.  This exemption was formerly called the ‘Homestead Exemption’ and now will be called the ‘Principal Residence Exemption’ so as not to be confused with the Michigan Homestead Credit that is filed with your income tax return.

This exemption only applies to homes that are occupied by the owner of the property.  As a reminder, in order to claim this exemption, you must rescind all other homestead exemptions claimed in your name prior to applying for any new principal residence exemptions within the State of Michigan.

Click Herefor a sample Assessment Change Notice.

Click Here for a Land Division/Combination Application Form. (PDF)

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Attention Property Owners!

State Law requires a Property Transfer Affidavit to be filed whenever real estate is transferred (even if you are not recording a deed). The General Property Tax Act provides for a penalty to be imposed if this form is not filed. 

A Property Transfer Affidavit (Form L-4260) must be filed within 45 days of a transfer.  The City of Madison Heights assesses a $5 a day late fee (maximum $200.00) for any Property Transfer Affidavit not submitted within 45 days of a deed or land contract being signed or a transfer of ownership occurring. Please note that transfers include exchanges between related parties and inheritances.

In the year following a transfer, the taxable value of a property uncaps and matches the new state equalized/assessed value of the property. This action can result in a dramatic change in annual property taxes depending on how long a property has been capped and the rate of property appreciation not measured in the overall inflation rate. 

Also, homeowners who legally transfer their property into a trust must file a Property Transfer Affidavit or risk having their Taxable Value uncapped. The uncapping of the taxable value may cause an increase in property taxes. Mail or bring in the completed form to:

City of Madison Heights
Assessing Department
300 W. Thirteen Mile Road
Madison Heights, MI 48071
(248) 583-0820